Best Family Law Firm South Florida

Best Family Law Firm South Florida

Scott J. Brook is the best family law firm in South Florida with a successful track record and hundreds of positive reviews. Our diligent and affordable legal representation ensures the best outcome for our clients in their litigation.

What is a “fault” divorce?

A fault divorce is when the judge grants a divorce based on the grounds of fault. Not all states allow fault divorces. Florida ranks as a no-fault divorce state, which means that one or both spouses can file a dissolution of marriage if they no longer get along with one another.

In a no-fault divorce state, a married person may file for a divorce even if their spouse did not commit any fault. However, Florida requires you to prove that your marriage is irrevocably broken to be able to petition for a divorce.

What makes us the best family lawyer in South Florida?

As one of the leading divorce lawyers in Florida, we value integrity to a great extent. Our family law lawyer is 100% honest with his clients about the strengths and weaknesses of their divorce case and helps them develop reasonable expectations. Not to mention, Scott J. Brook possesses over 29 years of experience practicing family law and has helped numerous clients save time and money with his unsurpassed legal representation.

Scott has exceptional communication and negotiation skills. He is also easily accessible to his clients through phone, email, and in-person. As a top-rated child custody law firm, we update our clients regularly about their case status. We prepare all the paperwork on our clients’ behalf and have an attorney evaluating each case objectively and answering all questions and concerns patiently. He is one of the most successful Florida family law attorneys.

Tips for finding the right attorney for family law in South Florida

While you can easily find hundreds of attorneys online, not all of them possess the skill and expertise to handle your case. Here’s how to find the best family law attorney:

  1. Family law experience

Look for an attorney who possesses several years of experience in handling cases similar to yours. In case of dealing with a paternity issue case, hire a lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience in handling similar cases. If the lawyer gives you generic advice during your initial consultation, you must look elsewhere.

  1. Communication

You want to work with one of the tech-savvy and easily accessible marital attorneys to receive regular updates about your case and discuss your questions and concerns effectively.

  1. Training in collaborative law and mediation

Find a lawyer experienced in collaboration and mediation alongside alternative dispute resolution. Some couples may be able to settle a divorce out of court in mediation. You want to work with someone who can provide you with several options.

Schedule a free consultation with the #1 family law attorney in Florida, Scott J. Brook, by reaching us at 954-757-5551. We are the best family law firm in South Florida, specializing in divorce cases, child custody, domestic violence, and paternity disputes. Entrust your case to us for a favorable case outcome.

Best Family Law Firm South Florida

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