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State and federal law in the US allow law enforcement officers to seize assets or cash that they believe may have been acquired through illegal means. If the police or federal authorities have confiscated your assets and cash, the defense attorney at Bret W. Schmidt Criminal Defense Attorney can help. Our cash forfeiture attorneys are very proficient in what we do and can help you reclaim property taken under civil forfeiture laws.

Immediate Defense To Protect Your Rights

Here at Bret W. Schmidt Criminal Defense Attorney, we stand with those facing asset and cash forfeiture proceedings, civil forfeiture actions, and underlying criminal charges. Losing property and cash can be frightening for those who aren’t familiar with the law. Most property owners lose their assets because they neglect the need to seek legal advice.

You need an experienced lawyer that understands the complex asset recovery process to prevent your loss. Attention to detail is very important, and time is sensitive for cases involving property and asset forfeiture. Our defense attorney is recognized for aggressive legal representation of clients’ interests.

Our forfeiture litigation representation includes cases involving criminal charges and asset forfeiture, including a vehicle, real estate, jewelry, bank accounts, and investment.

How Attorney Our Can Help You

Asset forfeiture is difficult for people who have been charged with a crime. Loss of cash, car, and property can have devastating effects on the lives of your children, spouses, and families. In fact, police and other law enforcement agencies are known to seize cash from cars simply because there was a large amount of money in the car. They assume that it is from crime or wrongdoing.

Here at Bret W. Schmidt Criminal Defense Attorney, we focus on protecting your assets or property while defending you on civil charges. Our defense lawyers challenge wrongful search and seizure. We work diligently to contest the government’s process of seizing your assets.

If your property or cash has been seized by the police or threatened either civilly or criminally, get in touch with our forfeiture attorney for help right away. We can help you find the best way to distance your property or assets from the alleged criminal activity or apply any techniques necessary to win your case. Our professional cash forfeiture lawyers will take all the steps required to protect your rights against assaults on your property and harassment by law enforcement agents and prosecutors.

Contact Our Competent Asset And Cash Forfeiture Attorney

Having your hard-earned money or personal property seized by the law government agencies can be a horrible experience. If you have been subject to asset forfeiture, contact Bret W. Schmidt Criminal Defense Attorney, at 214-526-1100 to schedule a free consultation. We are committed to serving our clients on asset and cash forfeiture matters and always get the best possible outcome. We have helped many people fight against law enforcement and get their cash or property back. Let us be of help to you. We look forward to fighting for you.

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