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Troopers have a right to seize large sums of money from your vehicle because they believe it could also involve money laundering or drug trafficking. Unfortunately, this can also happen to innocent people because, unlike civil forfeiture regarding property, the state can easily keep the money and redirect it to other areas if you do not act fast enough. It is up to you to arrange a consultation with a competent cash forfeiture attorney near me as soon as possible, so we can turn over the seizure and defend your rights to recover the money successfully.

Tips of choosing the best cash forfeiture attorney


The attorney is present to help you navigate the complex legal system and eventually protect your rights. The best one will make the choices and decisions on your behalf, all while respecting the legal rules. We must do our due diligence to show sufficient proof that the money is not unfortunate and support a motion to revert it to your possession. You can judge the attorney’s integrity by how they handle the details from the moment of consultation and proceed to stop the forfeiture in its tracks before it culminates in a worse situation.

Excellent situation

The best international airport attorneys are good communicators because they are a good listener. We want to hear everything regarding how the authorities conducted themselves to what they told you during the process. The attorney should have a calm and attentive demeanor while listening, clarifying, and recording your case. Remember, we should communicate as soon as you face the cash forfeiture attorneys, so you do not jeopardize the situation and make it even harder to recover the money.

Great investigative skills

A great attorney is sympathetic and will use every tool in their kit to be thorough in the investigation and help ease your emotional stress. We are conscious that criminal defense against cash forfeiture can take a long time, and each case will have a unique approach, which is why our civil asset forfeiture lawyers commit a lot of time and effort. We work to find anything and everything that points to your innocence and the good intent of the money involved in the search and seizure of cash. Be prepared to help us with some of the investigative elements and answers to the following concerns:

  • The time and location of the seizure
  • Proof that you own the money
  • Proof of how you acquired the cash
  • The actual reason you carried or kept such a large amount of money
  • Proof that you consented to the search and seizure by the law enforcement team
  • A list of witnesses who can back up your claims
  • Personal sentiments and views on whether you think you are a target of the authorities
  • A statement of whether you feel the police used excess pressure to extract the money


A cash forfeiture attorney will be at an advantage if they are aggressive enough to use all the forfeiture and seizure law defenses and be at the right place at the right time. Call 214-526-1100 Bret W. Schmidt, Criminal Defense Attorney, for a free consultation, so we can expeditiously get on the case.


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