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Attorney Bret W. Schmidt is the best civil forfeiture lawyer in Texas because of his commitment to his clients. Law enforcement officials use civil asset forfeiture as a tool to take any physical property, personal items, and even homes involved in criminal activity. This type of property seizure can take place even if law enforcement officers only suspect future illegal activity. Property and asset forfeiture laws can determine items or property to be charged with crimes, rather than arresting the owner of the property.

There has been a lot of debates regarding the unethical use of property seizures by law enforcement agencies, especially seizures that take place in Texas. Multiple agencies have been accused of using forfeiture assets for professional and personal profit. A Texas asset forfeiture attorney can advise you of your legal rights when facing similar circumstances.

The Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt has experience working in multiple areas of the law. Not only is Mr. Schmidt, a Texas seized property lawyer, but he also offers felony and misdemeanor criminal defense services. There have been numerous cases of seized properties that never involved an arrest.

Best DFW Asset Forfeiture Defense Lawyer Available for New Cases

If you need an asset forfeiture attorney in Dallas, TX, you should only turn to one law firm. The Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt has been offering superior criminal defense services for many years. Anyone who has experienced property seizure because of “Civil Seizure” should reach out to a professional criminal forfeiture attorney for help. An attorney can speak to the court about your case, and they will represent your best interests.

Following the legal advice of a professional attorney may help you get your property back from law enforcement agencies. Attorney Bret W. Schmidt does not make promises that he cannot keep when it comes to forfeiture cases. However, clients can expect a personalized experience that goes beyond the ordinary. If you don’t hire a legal representative, you might face unwanted fees or legal fines.

Prohibiting Owners From Reclaiming Their Property

There have been many measures taken on behalf of law enforcement agencies to continue practicing civil asset forfeiture seizures. Multiple organizations are also working together to put an end to this legal practice. Texas residents have expressed concerns about whether civil asset forfeiture seizures are ethical or fair.

In some cases, owners have been legally prohibited from reclaiming their property or personal items. With a legal attorney supporting you, you will not be bullied around by police authority figures.

Hiring a lawyer might not help you get your property back, but taking action will show legal officials that unlawful seizures are not acceptable. If you feel this practice has violated your rights, you are urged to seek legal counsel.

Free Legal Consultations for Civil Asset Forfeiture Cases

It is smart to have Attorney Bret W. Schmidt on your side when fighting against asset seizure cases. New clients are encouraged to get in contact with our support team by dialing 214-526-1100. Schedule your free no-obligation case review and consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney today!

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