Discrimination Lawyer Miami

Discrimination Lawyer Miami

Employee Legal Protection is the law firm of Henrichsen Law Group and offers the legal counsel to those subjected to employment discrimination. Our discrimination lawyers have experience and are dedicated to helping employees seek justice and their rightful damages. The benefits of hiring a discrimination lawyer will include:

  • Negotiating Settlements on Your Behalf

Consulting an employment discrimination lawyer is important when getting started on your case. Employment lawyers in Miami can assess your situation and help you reach a fair settlement.

File Discrimination Claims

Talking to one of a civil rights attorneys if you believe you have a discrimination case is important. You only have limits on time to complete a discrimination charge with the EEOC. While you can do this without an attorney, an employment lawyer can ensure that all the allegations and details get filled out correctly.

  • Analyze Your Employment Contract 

Before you sign an employment contract with a new employer, bringing it to one of the discrimination law firms for review is prudent. Agreements can have noncompete clauses and other restrictions on your rights the contract. Having an experienced employment lawyer assess the contractual details can help you avoid problems down the line. An attorney can ensure that your employer does not take you for granted or take advantage of you.

  • Evaluate Options 

Whether you need help reviewing a new employment contract, renegotiating a contract, filing a complaint, or fighting an unwarranted firing, a race discrimination lawyer can guide and help you make the right decision. While you may think you have a solid case to file a lawsuit, you need an attorney to assess and evaluate your circumstance and determine if you have a claim worth pursuing.

  • Gather And Present Evidence 

Proving your employer's intent is difficult. You must gather enough evidence to convince a judge and the jury that you should prevail against your employer. An employment lawyer has the experience to gather evidence for a lawsuit, submit essential documents to the court, take witness depositions, etc., and save you from a lot of stress.

It is not uncommon to feel mistreated or discriminated against by your employer. Working with a discrimination lawyer in Miami can help you understand the laws relating to employment law in Florida and help you seek justice from those who wronged you. Contact us at 305-703-1998 to book a consultation with an employment law attorney. Employee legal protection can guide you through the legal process.

Discrimination Lawyer Miami


Discrimination Lawyer Miami