Divorce Financial Services

Divorce Financial Services

Have you concluded that you may now need help with managing your finances? A great financial advisor is helpful for people in different fields and situations because money complications come from any situation.

We will look at the aspects of financial complications regarding divorce and offer relatively straightforward recommendations to help with comprehensive planning. People with complex situations need professional help to navigate tricky tax and separation complications.

Who Is A Divorce Financial Advisor?

The divorce financial advisor is a professional who helps resolve a divorce settlement’s financial aspects. Plenty of things determine the process of distributing money during divorce, and things can get messy fast if you do not have a competent attorney to support your case. We are here to help you through all the divorce phases involving your assets, money, and properties.

What are the best credentials for a financial advisor? You will recognize the divorce financial advisor by their qualification papers and list of specialties. The CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) is an unmistakable trademark of an industry-rated advisor who knows all about the guidelines and the best process of asset redistribution.

The Role Of A Divorce Financial Advisor

  • The divorce financial planner establishes the goals of your settlement following the dispute resolution
  • We are skilled at uncovering hidden assets in your spouse‚Äôs name
  • Organizing all your options in the financial settlement
  • Valuing the assets and putting a number on all non-tangible products such as alimony, tax breaks, pensions, and retirement
  • Preparing a budget for the cost of your divorce settlement
  • Answering all your questions on our processes and costs

Assets Handled By A Certified Divorce Financial Planner

Generally, we deal with material and monetary assets and any other kind of investment tied to your name. Some assets that we can handle include:

  • Mutual fund assets
  • Stocks and binds
  • Income tax returns
  • Personal loans
  • Auto loans
  • Credit card statement
  • Business tax returns
  • Savings and checking account
  • Assets and debts in a pending lawsuit
  • Post and pre-nuptial agreements
  • Health insurance policies

Best Time To Hire Divorce Financial Services

Everyone going through a divorce needs financial options to mitigate loss and maximize the overall benefits. However, people with significant wealth and assets should seek professional services to ease the process and reach an amicable divorce resolution.

Our specialized financial planner for divorce sorts out complicated compensations to find a middle ground that balances the intense irregularities. We have enough resources to help with any level of your divorce settlement and designate the right assets to the right people. The bottom line is you should hire financial divorce services whenever you cannot come to a reasonable and fair answer with your partner or the involved parties.

Looking for a divorce financial advisor

Be vigilant about looking for an advisor to explore multiple options for your financial planning needs. Ask about their experience, specialties, and average profile, and you should be able to gauge their competence in solving the financial aspects and balancing the emotional and mental triggers that tend to be high in such interactions.

Contact us or schedule a meeting to get started with complimentary consultation services and accurate certified divorce financial analyst fees.

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Divorce Financial Services

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