Family Law Mediators Toronto

Family Law Mediators Toronto

Positive Solutions Divorce Services is a leading family law firm in Ontario. Our clients trust us because we understand family law. We have worked in family law for many years and have gained the experience to provide quality services our clients can rely on. However, ours is a different kind of family law firm; instead of wasting time on what got you here, we will devise Toronto mediation and divorce solutions to ensure you get what you need quickly and at affordable rates.

Key Features of our Family Law Practice

At Positive Solutions Divorce Services, we offer our help instead of fighting. Our staff focuses on using mediation to achieve legal matters and reach agreements. We want to save our clients the time and money they could otherwise spend in court. In addition, we explore all options with our clients to avoid costly Toronto divorce resolution in court.

Another distinct feature of our family law practice is transparency. We do not charge hidden costs, which translates to cost certainty and value for money. Working with Positive Solutions Divorce Services means you do not have to deal with hidden hourly rates.

Apart from the affordable rates of our services, we will not drag your case for prolonged periods. The entire process of contacting us to getting your final mediation agreement will typically last a few weeks, simplifying separation and divorce.

When to Call Us

Family conflicts happen all the time, and the causes may range from trivial to serious. Although some families manage to work out issues on their own, some require professional mediation. It is essential for families to consider all disagreements and know when to call us for mediation.

The expert mediators at Positive Solutions Divorce Services use various techniques to settle Family disputes. Before we begin any discussions in a family dispute, we first set the ground rules for all participants. This allows everyone to have productive conversations and reach agreements quickly.

We encourage all participants in family mediation in Toronto to be truthful and discuss their issues directly instead of going behind each other’s backs.  In addition, we help participants reach agreements by encouraging them to come up with alternative answers.

Disputes Our Mediators Can Address

Families may call Positive Solutions Divorce Services when they cannot resolve issues independently. We consider mediation a problem-solving process in which we help participants define the issues in conflict and reach agreements beneficial to their families’ interests. Our mediation services can be beneficial if:

  • One or both parties in a disagreement are unwilling to compromise.
  • One or both parties feel like their interests or opinions are ignored.
  • Family members are unwilling to communicate to resolve issues
  • Couples are going through separation or divorce
  • Couples are trying to get back together after separation
  • Families are going through the emotional or psychological toll of dealing with a loved one with a serious health condition such as addiction.

Positive Solutions Divorce Services is a certified provider of family law services. Please call us today at 888-779-8777 for practical and affordable divorce solutions in Toronto, ON.

Family Law Mediators Toronto

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Family Law Mediators Toronto

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