Lawyers for Warrants in Dallas TX

A warrant is a court order that allows law enforcement to perform acts they would not generally be allowed to do. Some examples are search warrants and arrest warrants. Search warrants allow law enforcement to access a property (a home, land, car, etc.) to seek evidence linked to a specific crime. They generally specify the type of evidence, limiting what authorities can confiscate.

Arrest warrants are issued when a person likely committed a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. When you have an arrest warrant placed on you, law enforcement may try to convince you to turn yourself in a tell your story. This is a dirty trick. What you need is an experienced warrant lawyer in Dallas, TX fighting on your side, especially when facing a felony charge. If you want to get warrants lifted in Dallas, you’re in the right place. We can help you work your case and see you receive fair treatment and swift resolution.

Here are five reasons why you need a top Texas federal warrant lawyer helping you.

Criminal defense is deeply specialized

Criminal law is a focused area of the law that needs a serious specialist. It often has hidden riddles that confuse attorneys that specialize in other areas. That is why choosing a public defender isn’t the right choice.

Stakes are high

When fighting against a felony warrant, you’re likely facing time in prison. The stakes are high: your future, your family, and your reputation. You need the finest Dallas federal warrant attorney evaluating the charges against you and identifying the flaws of the DA’s evidence.

Top experience

Bret Schmidt is one of the leading felony warrant lawyers in Dallas, TX since 1996. He has many years defending clients accused of many different crimes in Dallas. His method, which brought top of the line results, is: assume nothing, miss nothing.

You need someone who evaluates the evidence

In criminal cases, the devil is in the details. It is easy to miss weak points in the state’s evidence or case law. A small mistake can end up costing you years of your life. This is not a risk you want to take.

Quick action

When you’re facing a warrant, you must work quickly. The police will try to bring you in and interrogate you without an attorney. This is a mistake you cannot make. You need a quick lawyer that will help you get the warrant lifted and examine your case and the state’s evidence.

Bret Schmidt has built a career defending people. He believes in attorney-client relationships based on trust, full honestly, and utmost respect. If you were charged with a felony and are facing a warrant, you need a seasoned, unexcelled lawyer by your side. You need some who protects your rights. If you need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the DFW area, contact Attorney Bret W. Schmidt for a free, no-obligation consultation: 214-526-1100

Lawyers for Warrants in Dallas TX

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Lawyers for Warrants in Dallas TX

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