Personal Injury Attorney Tampa

Personal Injury Attorney Tampa

Personal injuries are injuries – physical, emotional or psychological – caused by another individual’s carelessness, whether intentionally or by negligence. Depending on the severity of the accident or your injuries, you could decide to handle it yourself or hire an attorney. 

However, the best way to guarantee you get the best deal is to hire a personal injury attorney. The attorney considers your claim and advises you on what legal steps to take. If they think it requires having them on board, they will investigate the case and defend your claim. 

Our personal injury attorneys at Winters & Yonker have your interest at heart. If you stay in Tampa, Florida, let us represent you.

Types of Personal Injury 

Accidents can happen anywhere, but people ought to be cautious since they owe it to others to protect them from harm. Many situations could lead to a personal injury claim. Some of them are;

Road Accident

Overspeeding, driving while drunk, disobeying traffic rules are some careless acts that can cause road accidents. Offenders aren’t usually the only victims of these incidents. They put other people’s lives in danger with their actions. 

If you are involved in a car accident due to another’s negligence, ensure you file a personal injury claim. This way, you get compensated adequately for the medical bills, pain and wages lost.

Dog Bites

Dogs have bacteria in their mouth and saliva, and they transfer these to wounds when they bite. Consequently, they leave people with infections. If a dog bite leaves you sick, causes you to miss work or pay medical bills, then you can file a suit against the dog’s owner to get compensation.


Defamation occurs when someone makes a statement that ruins another’s reputation. It seems like a minor case to many. Hence, people say negative and untrue statements easily in this digital age. 

However, these statements can lead to damages such as loss of job or contracts or isolation in the community. It can have both financial and emotional repercussions. Hire an attorney that would prove that these statements were false and help you get damages. 

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney 

You need an excellent lawyer to investigate your case and advise you. They probably have more experience handling these cases, especially when it’s their speciality. At Winkers & Yonder, we have lawyers that are experienced in injury law and also genuinely care for you.

We understand that it must be hard to go through physical or emotional pain, primarily caused by another. It must be more brutal to deal with law jargon and fighting to get compensation. This is why we’d rather you heal and rest, and we go through the hassle.

Our goal is to ensure that you get a fair price for all the tangible and intangible losses you have suffered. We’ll explain everything to you in detail, so you’re always in the loop.

Call us and request a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. We won’t charge until we win your case. 

Personal Injury Attorney Tampa