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When you stand accused of a crime, your liberty and freedom are at stake. To protect yourself, you need to retain a Dallas warrant attorney who has experience with these cases. Attorney Bret W. Schmidt is an experienced criminal defense attorney with years of experience handling all sorts of criminal defense cases, but especially felony warrant cases. 

About Warrant Cases in Dallas

A warrant is a court order, giving law enforcement the authority to perform acts that may normally be outside of their scope of duty. Warrants issued by U.S. courts include search warrants, arrest warrants, and execution warrants. Government entities, such as state and federal legislatures, may also issue warrants, as they have the authority to require the attendance of their members. This is referred to as a “call of the house.”

Search warrants allow law enforcement officials to enter a car, home, land, or other structure to look for evidence connected with a crime.  The property to be searched must be stated in the warrant.  Search warrants can specify the type of evidence to be searched for, limiting what law enforcement can confiscate.  Search warrants are, typically, issued prior to criminal charges being filed on a suspect.  There are time limits placed on search warrants.

Arrest warrants are issued when there is probable cause that a person committed a crime, whether a misdemeanor or felony, and weren’t within view of a police officer. When an arrest warrant is placed on you, sometimes a detective or police officer will try to convince you to turn yourself in and state your side of the story. Don’t do it. Without an experienced warrant attorney by your side, you will end up causing more trouble for yourself. If you face a situation like this, please call us! We can walk through the case together and make sure you get fair treatment and speedy resolution of your case.

Why Should I Hire a Warrant Attorney in Dallas?

When you have been accused of a crime, it may be tempting to accept representation from a public defender or choose the cheapest criminal defense attorney in the area. However, criminal defense is a highly focused area of law that is often fraught with hidden hazards for even the most seasoned attorney who does not practice in this area regularly.

Because the stakes in these cases are so high, you need an attorney who can thoroughly evaluate the criminal charges against you and both identify and take advantage of the flaws and weaknesses in the State’s evidence.

My Approach

I have years of experience defending clients who have been accused of all types of crimes in Dallas, and I know how to analyze the evidence carefully. Although there may be some things that are true in the allegations against you, I approach the case with the perspective that all allegations are false, and I dissect the State’s evidence from that standpoint. My method for criminal defense is: assume nothing, miss nothing. It works out well for my clients.

I can handle virtually any criminal defense case, including:

Manufacturing & Sale Of Drugs
Sexual Assault
Aggravated Assault

If you are facing criminal charges in Dallas, you need a defense attorney like me on your side. Please contact the Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt, PC today to learn more or to make an appointment with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Dallas.

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Andrew Prince
Andrew Prince
19:21 04 Feb 22
Helped me out when I needed it, I would recommend him forsure.
Nicholas M.
Nicholas M.
21:34 21 Feb 20
Bret is an amazing attorney and a great person. He has helped me and my family in so many ways. Not only is he a great lawyer but he truly cares about the people he works with and... wants the best for them. I owe Bret a great deal of gratitude for all he has done for me. I could not recommend him enough.read more
Emily M
Emily M
22:35 17 Feb 20
This guy is the BEST!!!! He is so helpful, HONEST and dependable!! He has helped my family and friends. Bret Schmidt is an outstanding attorney! The justice system is so scary and... intimidating, but if you need help from an honest person and great lawyer, Bret Schmidt is the best one out there! Thanks for all of your help, Bret!! You’re amazing!!read more
Ms. Duwrite Do
Ms. Duwrite Do
20:45 17 Feb 20
I can only say I thank God for blessing me with Bret, he has been more than legal counsel for me he has been my family! He is very considerate and compassionate and truly cares... about your well being, whether you have money or not!! I can only say if you need a great lawyer then you better give Mr. Schmidt a call, you won’t regret it!! Again you were truly God sent!!!!!read more
Rachael Proctor
Rachael Proctor
19:38 17 Feb 20
My husband and I turned to Bret when his probation was almost over, but the amount of Community Service he had was ridiculous for anyone who has to work a normal 8-5. Bret worked... with us, it was cost effective, and he had my husband take care of everything he needed to. We were able to get the Community Service hours waived and expunged of all charges. Well worth it and i wish we didn't wait 9 years to do this! Probably could have cut down probation if we'd have gone this route sooner. Thanks for being an amazing and caring attorney!read more
james opsahl
james opsahl
12:19 17 Feb 20
If I could give Mr. Schmidt a 6 star review I would. He has been my attorney for years, and has always gone the extra mile in his representation of my past issues with the... criminal justice system. Bret (I'll call him that because he is also my friend) not only provided top notch representation for me, he has been instrumental in my return to society and me maintaining sobriety and living life the way it's supposed to be lived. Bret is always available to offer advice and guidance, even though the issues I hired him to represent me on have long passed. I have found that he has concern and empathy for his clients, unlike the majority of criminal lawyers whose main concerns revolve around money. Bret is a strong family man, and a devout Christian. I am proud to call him my friend. A better attorney and man such as Bret is a rarity.read more
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Criminal Defense

When you stand accused of a crime, your liberty and freedom are at stake. To protect yourself, you need to retain a Dallas criminal defense attorney who has experience with these cases. Bret Schmidt has that experience, and he is ready to help.

Civil Asset Forfeiture

If you had property seized by police in the United States, a criminal defense attorney with experience in Civil Asset Forfeiture can help. Dallas attorney Bret Schmidt has that experience, and he is ready to help you defend your rights.

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